Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love the Olympics

So I just love the Olympics and have thoroughly enjoyed watching them for the past couple weeks. I also LOVE the fact that when I taking my lunch at work (if I get a lunch) at 2am there is something wonderful to watch on TV. It has been so great to see Swimming and Gymnastics and now Track and Field - it has been so fun. With each new event that I watch I wonder if my daughter could ever be an olympic champion in that event. I am ready to enroll her in gymnastics, water polo, swimming, beach volleyball and even fencing classes right now. She is only 20 months but I know I have to start early. Kevin just laughs at me and says she won't be tall enough to do half of the events and the other half just don't seem as fun. But who knows, I am all for rowing and kayaking - I didn't even know that kayaking was an Olympic event. So I will just start watching her now to see if she has any natural skills or tendencies towards any of the Olympic events and maybe someday we will be watching her become an Olympic Gold Medalist! A parent can dream, right ;)


Kurt and Kortney Tobler said...

I love the Olympics too...I'm soo sad that they are over. And I can totally see Natalie being a little gymnast. Although I hear it's pretty expensive :) How are you guys doing?? When will I see you again? It feels like its been forever. I need to call you and catch up. Well...hope your good. Love you guys!

Chavonne said...

Hi Aubrey. Cute blog. Your daughter is cute, too. You need more pictures and a new update. How are you? Where are you?