Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love the Olympics

So I just love the Olympics and have thoroughly enjoyed watching them for the past couple weeks. I also LOVE the fact that when I taking my lunch at work (if I get a lunch) at 2am there is something wonderful to watch on TV. It has been so great to see Swimming and Gymnastics and now Track and Field - it has been so fun. With each new event that I watch I wonder if my daughter could ever be an olympic champion in that event. I am ready to enroll her in gymnastics, water polo, swimming, beach volleyball and even fencing classes right now. She is only 20 months but I know I have to start early. Kevin just laughs at me and says she won't be tall enough to do half of the events and the other half just don't seem as fun. But who knows, I am all for rowing and kayaking - I didn't even know that kayaking was an Olympic event. So I will just start watching her now to see if she has any natural skills or tendencies towards any of the Olympic events and maybe someday we will be watching her become an Olympic Gold Medalist! A parent can dream, right ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Team Edward

Okay so since my sister-in-law Amanda is sitting outside waiting for a book tonight I thought I would honor her hard work with a post. I am a big fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. I actually got into it because my brother-in-law Nathaniel needed a book to read for school and had seen a lot of girls reading twilight so he figured it must be good, plus it would be a good way to flirt with the girls! So I bought it and challenged him to read it before me. I was only able to read it when I was at my in-laws and he wasn't reading it. I didn't get very far while he was in school and then one day after he was out I picked it up and just started and never stopped. Then I went out and bought the next two books at Sam's club and challenged Nathaniel to finish the first one before I finished the second book. Anyhow we continued this challenge until we ran out of books and I finished the first and second first and he finished the third first. I love the books and could hardly put them down and convinced everyone else I ran into to read them because they are wonderful. I haven't read this much since I graduated from college. So I am looking forward to "Breaking Dawn" that is out today but at the same time I don't want it to end. I figure that Bella and Edward will end up together I just hope that Jacob is able to imprint on someone and be happy. I agree with my sister Kortney that Bella will be giving up a lot by being with Edward but she loves him so much and I can't even imagine being without my handsome husband Kevin so I understand where she is coming from. I hope that when I finish this series I will be able to keep reading and reopen that window of imagination that I lost for a couple years. It is so nice to escape into a book!